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Expert Interview Series: Kian Saneii of Independa On Thriving In Place

[fa icon="calendar'] Jan 20, 2017 6:26:00 PM / by First Choice posted in Senior Care, Caregiver, Expert Interview

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Kian Saneii is the CEO of Independa, Inc., providing high tech, yet high touch, solutions for remote engagement and care.

Independa helps people not only "age in place", but instead "thrive in place". To start, what inspired you to start Independa? How much has it changed, since you first began?

I experienced firsthand the difficulties and related anguish of providing care to an elderly loved one, and set out to create an offering that would allow caregivers to "be there" regardless of their physical distance. The core mission to make it possible to enable better care from afar has remained the same, delivering peace of mind to caregivers, and reducing costs and anguish for caregivers and care recipients alike.

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Expert Interview Series: Bill Laidlaw of Nine Clouds on Bedding Options for the Elderly

[fa icon="calendar'] Dec 7, 2016 11:43:00 AM / by First Choice posted in Special Needs, Caregiver, Questions, Expert Interview

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Bill Laidlaw, president of Nine Cloud Beds, has three decades of experience expert in the bedding industry.

We recently checked in with Bill to learn more about bedding options for bedridden, elderly and disabled individuals. Here's what he had to say:
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Expert Interview Series: JB Powell of CipherHealth On The State Of The Healthcare Industry

[fa icon="calendar'] Oct 9, 2016 7:55:00 PM / by First Choice posted in Caregiver, Expert Interview

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JB's primary scope of focus at CipherHealth is on the application and growth of solutions in post-acute delivery settings. JB works closely with home health agencies and skilled nursing facilities to bring a new level of quality and efficiency to care delivered.

In the video for CipherHealth, you state "Through smart, effective technology we solve fundamental challenges of the healthcare industry." To start, what are some of the most significant challenges the medical industry is facing right now?

Two of the largest gaps in healthcare today are:
1) Staying better engaged with patients, at a lower overall cost - For many decades, providers have only needed to keep an eye on patients while they were in their charge: Within the hospital during an acute episode, or for a home health agency, during the time a patient is utilizing a home health service. What we see now is that there are new regulations and incentives that require all types of providers to be more efficient with their resources, while ensuring patients receive top-notch care and have an exceptional experience.

This is where technology can come into play. It is impossible for providers to effectively engage with patients while staying cost effective without it. By efficiently reaching out to patients to understand their recovery and proactively address issues, providers are more equipped to engage with patients and resolve problems cost-effectively.

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Expert Interview Series: Ron Tester of Advanced RehabTrust Home Health On How To Choose The Right In-Home Care Provider

[fa icon="calendar'] Sep 3, 2016 10:00:00 AM / by First Choice posted in In-Home Health Care, Caregiver, Expert Interview

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Ron Tester, PT, COS-C, is the founder and Administrator of Advanced RehabTrust Home Health, a nationally-recognized home health agency serving North Texas.

According to the AARP, nearly 90% of seniors want to stay at home as they get older. What are some reasons more seniors are choosing to "age in place", as the AARP put it?
There are several reasons seniors want to stay home. Most important, they can keep their independence. Even if they have some help at home, they still get to eat what they want, when they want; get up and go to bed when they want; and do whatever they want without having to worry about an institution telling them what to eat, what to do or when to do it.

Also, most seniors want to be in familiar surroundings. No facility is ever going to feel like "home" the way home does. Even if they can squeeze their bed, couch and china cabinet into the new place, it's just not the same.

Third, leaving home for a senior living facility - even a nice one - often feels like "the beginning of the end." Many seniors who move away from home feel like they are resigning themselves to fate or "giving up."

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Expert Interview Series: Amie Clark of The Senior List on Long-Term Care for Seniors

[fa icon="calendar'] Aug 16, 2016 9:00:00 AM / by First Choice posted in Senior Care, Caregiver, Expert Interview

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Amie Clark, co-founder and frequent contributor to, has had the privledge of working with seniors throughout her social work career in the areas of senior housing and care coordination.

Here she discusses some of her favorite things about and shares ideas on navigating the process of finding long-term care for seniors. Read on:

Tell us about The Senior List. What spurred you to create the site?
The Senior List was created to help families and caregivers navigate the issues and challenges of senior care. We explore everything from Alzheimer's/dementia, medical alert systems, tech for the home, caregiving tips, senior discounts, senior housing and many other boomer/senior related topics.

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