Our organization was founded with a strong focus developing personalized in-home care plans with families and individuals navigating the world developmental disabilities and special needs. We have experience matching out Clients with Caregivers who possess population specific certifications in order to best assist those they are tasks with servicing.

If you or a loved one with disability or special need would benefit from the help of a certified, population specific, attendant, we are here to help.


Family Support

Respite Care

Gives You A Break

Time For Yourself

Providing care to a family member is one of the most important and rewarding responsibilities an individual can have. However, we understand how challenging, time-consuming and emotionally exhausting this task can be. Our trusted caregivers can give you peace of mind while you take the time to focus on your own needs. Whether you are running errands or having a long-overdue date night, we are here for you!


Companionship & Friendship

Developing Independence

Encouraging Healthy Behaviors

Many of our clients who are resistant to authority often benefit from receiving guidance from our friendly and encouraging caregivers. These providers are able to step in as friends and mentors in order to make the client feel more comfortable. We will help your loved ones reach their goals by encouraging healthy decisions, helping them stick to a routine, and teaching them essential life skills in order to foster independence.


Community Involvement

Fun Activities

Museums, Movies, Parks, etc.

Engaging & Stimulating Events

Community involvement is an important aspect in developing appropriate social skills, expanding horizons and making lasting memories. Our care providers are able to take your loved one out into the community to experience a wide range of stimulating activities. We ensure personal supervision and care while visiting exciting places such as local parks, museums, or community events!


Tasks of Daily Living

Personal Hygiene, Dressing, Bathing, Toileting

Medication Assistance, Lifting/Transferring

Meal Preparation, Feeding, Nutrition Plan Facilitation

Our Caregivers are trained to assist with all tasks of daily living. Caregivers are capable of ensuring basic activities of daily living are carried out in accordance of the developed Plan of Care.


Serving King, Pierce and Snohomish Counties.

See for yourself how First Choice In-Home Care can have help you and your loved one.